Custom Morphing Mug(11OZ) (Made In AUS)

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Custom Morphing Mug (11 Oz)(Made In AUS)
【Type】Ceramic Mug, C-Shaped Handle, Two-sided Printing.  
【Product  Description】13.40 Oz. Color changing ceramic mug (from black to white), heat-activation reveals hidden image. Durable ceramic material, safe and healthy for drinking.
【Sizes】3.23"(W) x 3.74"(H).
【Applicable situation】Designed for daily use, perfect for coffee, tea, hot cocoa, soup and more.
【Note】This product is printed and shipped out from our AUS-based factory, can be sent to Australia only. When you place the order, please separate products made in AUS to speed up the whole processing.
【Designer Tip】To ensure the highest quality print, please note that this product's recommended uploaded image size in pixels (W x H): 681 x 273 px or Higher / 150 dpi.


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